Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Free Download Ghost Train a.k.a. Otoshimono (Horror)

Ghost Train whole movie [HQ] free download

Something strange is happening in the Tokyo subway. First there is a train accident; then people keep disappearing at the station, including the little sister of high school student Nana (Sawajiri Erika). Along with her friend Kanae (Wakatsuki Chinatsu), Nana investigates the mysterious disappearances in search of her little sister. They discover that all the people went missing after picking up a train ticket, and every time someone disappears, there is a mysterious woman in black on the platform. Meanwhile, subway conductor Toshikazu (Oguri Shun) gets transferred to Lost and Found after he reports a ghostly encounter on the tracks. At Lost and Found, he notices that the same train ticket keeps showing up on the list...

Erika presents the Ghost Train ('Otoshimono') DVD CM/Trailer (Horror Movie)

Japan's latest entry into the genre it does best, Ghost Train (a.k.a. Otoshimono) takes horror to the tracks. Though Ghost Train is Furusawa Takeshi's debut film, the rookie director is no stranger to the genre. Furusawa is horror master Shimizu Takashi's classmate and he previously assisted on Kurosawa Kiyoshi's horror films Kairo and Barren Illusion. Ghost Train features rising stars Sawajiri Erika (Shinobi and 1 Liter no Namida), Oguri Shun (Hana yori Dango and Neighbor No. 13), and Wakatsuki Chinatsu.

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