Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3

This is what i'm waiting for..


I wish i could get one of the Toy Story 3 Premiere Screening Ticket..

I love to watch the 3d comical movie like this..
when i'm 12, i have a dream to work with the Pixar..

its all because of the Toy Story i've ever watching..

its really influence me..

Nuffnang, get me one please..
i really really hope..

Here are some of the characters for this time :

and the most character that i like for this time is :


as it has soft body..i love to hold it everytime and everywhere i go..wink*..
and definitely because it is pink and purple rose in colors, the most duo colors I've ever like..
besides, it also has a freshie sweet strawberries smells..i like it!! hehe..

I 'm waiting for you, nuffnang..

i'm waiting..

i'm waiting..

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